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Violin lesson

Aural Skills

Sensitive ears are the key to artistic sensitivity. Aural development from a young age benefits students' musical advances in their later years. Grace Music Studio combines ear training with practical piano and violin lessons to ensure students to develop aural skills such as recognising pitch, rhythm, harmony, tempo, cadences and memorising a melodic phrase.     

Music Theory

Knowledge on music theory contributes immensely to interpreting and expressing different pieces of music. Hence, it is essential for students to learn theory as part of their music lessons. As students progress to a higher level in their technical skills, they will need to invest more time in acquiring theoretical knowledge. This will help them to analyse their pieces better and to memorise them more accurately as they have the understanding of what the score says underneath. Eventually, theoretical knowledge will enable them to become a greater performer with the capability to interpret music.

Grace Music Studio combines theory with practical piano and violin lessons and provides intensive theory lessons for students wishing to take AMEB / ABRSM theory exams. Also, students who play instruments other than piano and violin are welcome to enrol in theory programs to achieve a particular grade required to obtain their performance certificates.  

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