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Violin Player

Violin Lessons

Grace Music Studio offers interactive violin lessons for anyone who would like to learn to play the violin at various time lengths from beginners to upper intermediate students (grade 6 level). All regular lessons run with the school term. Every student should own/hire a violin suitable for their age/arm length. Whilst every lesson combines technical work, theory, aural skills and sight-reading with practical violin play to some extent, lesson points include but are not limited to the following:

  • Posture 

  • Working knowledge of scales and arpeggios

  • Bow holding

  • Tone production

  • Finger placement

  • Bowing types

  • Position changes

  • Bowing techniques 

  • History and analysis

  • Performance practice

  • Interpretation of music

  • Memorisation

  • Ensemble work

Violin lessons for young children/beginner students:
Although there is an individual difference as to when they are ready to have violin lessons, children who are about or over 5 1/2 years old are generally welcome to the studio. Violin lessons for those young, budding minds will aim to help develop their musical senses by engaging them in specially prepared activities that include both visual (e.g. drawings and pictures) and aural (listening to and singing songs, recognising intervals and understanding note value) components. Even when students cannot read letters or music yet, they can still learn to play the violin through a range of interactive, interesting aural activities and intuitive theory learning. 

Violin lessons for intermediate/transfer students:
Those who have already received a few months/years of piano lessons and hope to progress further either by expanding their repertoire, improving bowing techniques or preparing for exams will be provided with optimal support to achieve their musical goals.

Violin lessons for adult students:
It's never too late to learn the violin! Adult students, whether they are beginners or wish to pick up where they left off, will receive purpose-driven lessons tuned to their particular requirements and be encouraged to express themselves through music.

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