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Grace Je
Piano teacher, Violin teacher & Accompanist

MClinAud, MA (Ling), BA (Edu)

LmusA (Musicology), AmusA (Musicology), DipABRSM (Instrumental teaching)
Accredited Teaching member of WAMTA*

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My Story

Grace Je was born in a musical family where her father was a conductor of a church choir and her mother played the chromaharp and harmonica in a church ensemble. From a young age, Grace loved music and frequently participated in many musical events as well as competitions in piano and voice sections. In her teen years, she was a leader of her school choir and served her church as a soloist (soprano) and an accompanist (piano). 

Having decided not to pursue music as a career, she took a master's degree in linguistics and graduated with merits after she earned a bachelor's degree in education on scholarships. She worked as a teacher and academic staff in a public school and a university as well as in private practice for many years. Grace also worked as a provisional clinical audiologist after completing a master's degree in clinical audiology (with merits). All these years, music play and/or teaching were an important part of her life.

Before long, she realised that it was music that had been at the centre of her life for all those years and that studying, playing and teaching music was what she loved most and what made her so passionate. It was a turning point of her career. 


Grace received piano and violin lessons from renowned teachers in Perth who later became her role models. After years of intensive music study and countless hours of practice, she achieved a diploma in instrumental teaching with ABRSM** and a licentiate diploma and an associate diploma in musicology with AMEB***.

Grace is a dedicated, patient and passionate music teacher who deeply cares about each student and tries her best to help students realise their full musical potential. She still strives to vigorously feed herself with piano and violin pedagogy, especially for teaching technical skills and stylistically appropriate music interpretations. 


Grace is an accompanist at her church and an accredited teaching member of WAMTA. She believes that a great teacher should be a voracious learner as well, so she continuously develops herself by actively attending seminars, forums and concerts while maintaining a busy teaching schedule.


Grace promotes and pursues all-round music education and covers music theory, aural training, sight-reading, and performance practice as part of her lessons. Grace teaches piano at all levels from beginner to advanced (diploma) levels and violin from beginner to upper intermediate (grade 6) levels. 

*WAMTA = Western Australia Music Teachers Association   
**ABRSM= Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music
***AMEB = Australian Music Examinations Board  


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